Their new single after 2 years is out today..! No one rocks cable knit sweaters quite like Motoo Fujiwara.

Trying a different style.. not sure if I like it -_-


Poogie Collection

Figured I'd draw the rest of the ones I have. There are even more costumes now but I haven't unlocked them yet.


New DA Account

Pixel art icon made for my new deviantArt account. It's the piggie from Monster Hunter!


Where the Wild Things Are

It wasn't really what I expected... but the visuals were pretty memorable. The characters and events were strange (and violent?) but there was some good emotion in it... like when the seemingly scary bull looking guy with hobbit feet finally speaks! *tear* Favourite part.

Drawn based on this image from the original book!


Gonna get through

"Either take action in order to do what you've been talking about or stop talking about it".

On another note, when you begin to look for your glasses... and then realize they're on your face, it's time to go to bed.