60 Minutes

I got to choose the theme today..!

12/07/09 theme: Baby animal


60 Minutes... kind of

Today was really busy so I only had about 30 minutes... I like this one more than my previous 2 entries though haha.

12/03/09 theme: Circus


60 Minutes

So some friends of mine have started these 1 hour drawing sessions where we're given a theme and then let loose to create to our little heart's desires... as long as we finish within the hour.

Here are my submissions for...
12/02/09 theme: Monsters
12/01/09 theme: Sci-fi

See everyone else's work on Felipe's blog!



Their new single after 2 years is out today..! No one rocks cable knit sweaters quite like Motoo Fujiwara.

Trying a different style.. not sure if I like it -_-


Poogie Collection

Figured I'd draw the rest of the ones I have. There are even more costumes now but I haven't unlocked them yet.


New DA Account

Pixel art icon made for my new deviantArt account. It's the piggie from Monster Hunter!


Where the Wild Things Are

It wasn't really what I expected... but the visuals were pretty memorable. The characters and events were strange (and violent?) but there was some good emotion in it... like when the seemingly scary bull looking guy with hobbit feet finally speaks! *tear* Favourite part.

Drawn based on this image from the original book!


Gonna get through

"Either take action in order to do what you've been talking about or stop talking about it".

On another note, when you begin to look for your glasses... and then realize they're on your face, it's time to go to bed.


Happy Birthday Brent!

For my friend Brent... Gitaroo Man!


CN Tower Climb 2009

Lacking sleep and fighting through a crowded stairwell this year.. it was tough! I felt super drained the whole day after the event, haha.. but it was a lot of fun thanks to my friends that participated with me. Thanks guys~ >3< and thank you again to my sponsors!


health fail



revamp of an older drawing

more pages

today's theme is... love! all because i saw the "you are loved" letters on ffffound and thought it was nice.



Here's an old school project that I dug up on Youtube... ah, the good ol' days. The annoying sound clip is due to the lack of free sound clips back then.


more pages


playing with Illustrator


page 1 page 2

Sketchy sketchy. Aiming to fill a sketchbook cover to cover even if it's mainly referenced stuff or things like Rilakkuma.


new URL (sorry)

So I decided to change my URL here to this new address..

Why? I'm trying to keep all of my online spaces like carbonmade, deviantart, blogger and twitter all under the same name. Sorry, it's annoying to change bookmarks but in the long run, the consistency will make things easier..!

ALSO... 99.98% of the previous posts before this one have been random stuff a.k.a. "inspiration"... but from here on in, I'll try to mainly post sketches and the like. Let's start anew! :D





Solution #2.. Photoshop -_- ta daaaa, I feel like I'm copping out by not painting for real.



I drew these with full intentions of painting them for the Square Foot Show. Getting over the hurdle of drawing with pencil again after so long wasn't as bad as I thought... but PAINT. It was muddy and messy T_T Solution #2 is on the rise.


a happy birthday

~♥*~ featured gift from saku! ~*♥~

thanks to all of my friends >3<  i love every one of you..!!

had a great birthday this year!